I’m a director from Los Angeles. 

My name is Shane and I was born into the film industry.  I’ve been doing stunts in films since I was five years-old, so from a young age I knew I wanted to work on movies - in some capacity.  A sense for great action has always come naturally because that’s the world I grew up in.  I’m an active snowboarder, skydiver, rock climber, surfer, and motorcycle rider - among other things - but my greatest passion is for filmmaking.  As I grew older I gained an immense passion for storytelling and for great characters.  Being on a film set I was able to watch and learn from some of the greatest filmmakers of our time and that was how I learned how to make a movie.  When I decided to attend USC film school I was able to combine the craft with the art in an attempt to not only make great movies, but to also tell great stories.